Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dust Off That Old Sewing Machine

Hello Folks.

It has finally happened! I have returned from the land of no-sewing abyss! Let me tell ya, I’m so glad to be reacquainted with my trusty Bernina and I have sew many projects to work on!

 I have been busy moving into my new store and decided I needed a comfy place for my customers to hang out and browse through my books or just to sit and admire my fabric wall. So I stole this beautiful little love seat from my bestie Rosie. Cause I have like zero furniture budget.

Thanks Rosie!

The loveseat is perfect because it was free and because it’s vintagy which fits right in with the rest of the store.
 However, the color was just a little bit off.
The walls and most of the fabric in my store are light, bright and colorful and the dark green velvet on the couch was just a bit on the dark side.
First I tried covering it with a slipcover, but that took away all the charm and looked a little frumpy.
I would love to reupholster it in a funky cool fabric, but that is not in my budget at the time, so instead I decided to dress it up with a few bright pillows.

I dug through my stash and found these two fabrics that I just love together for some reason. They were perfectly bright, so after a little stitch here and a snip there I had new pillows!

Amazing! It dresses the loveseat right up!

I had to add rick rack because rick rack makes my skirt fly up. Plus I carry it in about a billion colors so I need to give my customers reasons to buy the stuff.

Happy Sewing
Melisa & Cordelia

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