Thursday, January 27, 2011

Load Em On Up.

This is what Cordelia has spent the last few days doing.

And this is why it may be a day or two before she finds something new to share.

Sister's got her hands tied trying to make this space livable!

Happy Moving
~Melisa & Cordelia

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Recommend Carpet in a Sew Room.

Carpet is nice, just not when it’s in my sewing studio.
Top 10 reasons why I don’t love my carpet.

10. I sew a project and my floor looks like this.

9. I try to scoop up the threads with my hands (like I did with my hardwood floor) and the floor looks like this.

8. I scoop harder and throw in a little scratch and the floor looks like this.

And now I have sore fingernails to go with my messy floor.

7. Lugging vacuum cleaners up stairs sucks.

6. I vacuum and the floor looks like this. There are still threads!

5. I have to pick the loose threads up with my hand. This can take a while.

4. I start a new project and my recently vacuumed floors look like this.

3. Unless I vacuum daily the threads get tracked onto my bedroom floor.

2. And then they get tracked onto my stairs.

And the number one reason why carpets in sew rooms is a bad idea?

1. Hauling vacuum cleaners down stairs sucks more than lugging them up.

Happy Cleaning
~Melisa & Cordelia

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Fantastic Conclusion to a Wrapalishious Class.

So, as you may have heard, I have been teaching a class where I showed my students how to make this wrap skirt.

Or this one.

Or perhaps you prefer this one?

Some people might say I have too many wrap skirts, but I say I don’t have enough.

I mean, I’ve only got like 5 of em…… geesh.

Yeah, back to my wonderful, talented students.

I had four extremely charming, witty, intelligent, fun, clever students show up for the class. Which means we had a seriously good time.

I showed them how to draft their own skirt pattern.

And then they cut out some fabric.

And they did some pinning.

And then after just a tiny bit of sewing……

……they ended up with these beautiful wrap skirts. Please take a moment to admire the awesome fabrics they all chose.

Oh what skill!

What talent!

What good taste!

And I’m not just talking about the teacher.
The One who lead them on this fabulous sewing journey,
This quest of sewing knowledge,
That concluded with a wrap skirt.

Just Kidding!!!

I am not trying to give myself a giant, public (ish) pat on the back.
Because that would be arrogant.
Not to mention tacky.
In pour taste.

What I meant to say is:


Thank for taking my class. I hope to see you all again!

Happy Class Taking
~Melisa & Cordelia

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Super Awesome Class for Super Awesome Students with Super Awesome Sewing Skills

I’ve been teaching this super awesome coat class at Hip Stitch, Albuquerque’s coolest hippest sewing lounge, and I showed my students how to make this coat.

I used this book, which might possibly be the coolest book published in the last year, and I highly recommend it to anyone with good taste.

Well, I had some super awesome students show up for the class and they were a great group

Dare I say they were a stellar group?
I dare!
They were stellar and had some super awesome sewing skills!

And by the end of class they ended up with these.

But students, what cute cotes you have!

“All the better to keep you worm with my dear.”

And then they huffed and they puffed and


Stop the press.

I think I'm getting my fairy tales mixed up.

And I deffinately don't mean to compare my students to big bad wolfs.
Cause they are most definitely not big.
Or bad.
Or wolfs.

And now, I shale go to bed. Because I am that kind of fun and exciting 20 something who goes to bed at 8PM on a Friday Night.

Happy Coating
~Melisa & Cordelia

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twirl Skirt in Action.

I have this friend and her name is Lilly.

Lilly is cute and sweet so I made her a patchwork twirl skirt for her birthday.
Well the other day we had a party. Lilly came and she wore her skirt so I decided I had to share her cuteness with the world.

Well the other day we had a party. Lilly came and she wore her skirt so I decided I had to share her cuteness with the world.

Tia Pam came to the party too.

And then she wrapped Lilly in a scrap of fabric.

I think they were having a cultural lesson, but it’s hard to tell.

"Now you have a babushka."

Then Lilly decided to design wrappings for Tia Pam.

I think this was young fashion designer training.

But it’s hard to tell.

"You wear zet like dis, and tizz beautiful."

Lilly is such a sharp dresser she put an orange crinoline on under the skirt. Cause you know, the skirt just wasn’t puffy enough on its own.

She also has these really cute tights with a bear on the bum. You know, so she can run around in a bare bottom.

And this is why kids get all the best clothes.

Happy twirling,
Melisa & Cordelia