Monday, January 24, 2011

A Fantastic Conclusion to a Wrapalishious Class.

So, as you may have heard, I have been teaching a class where I showed my students how to make this wrap skirt.

Or this one.

Or perhaps you prefer this one?

Some people might say I have too many wrap skirts, but I say I don’t have enough.

I mean, I’ve only got like 5 of em…… geesh.

Yeah, back to my wonderful, talented students.

I had four extremely charming, witty, intelligent, fun, clever students show up for the class. Which means we had a seriously good time.

I showed them how to draft their own skirt pattern.

And then they cut out some fabric.

And they did some pinning.

And then after just a tiny bit of sewing……

……they ended up with these beautiful wrap skirts. Please take a moment to admire the awesome fabrics they all chose.

Oh what skill!

What talent!

What good taste!

And I’m not just talking about the teacher.
The One who lead them on this fabulous sewing journey,
This quest of sewing knowledge,
That concluded with a wrap skirt.

Just Kidding!!!

I am not trying to give myself a giant, public (ish) pat on the back.
Because that would be arrogant.
Not to mention tacky.
In pour taste.

What I meant to say is:


Thank for taking my class. I hope to see you all again!

Happy Class Taking
~Melisa & Cordelia


  1. Hey folks, I am one of the wrap-skirt students. I'm posting this comment to say that Melisa is a great teacher. She has a ton of expertise and she is patient and thorough. I consider myself somewhere in the intermediate zone of stitching ability. I learned a lot from the wrap-skirt class and - this is key - I'm happy with how the skirt turned out! Of course its 14 degrees today, and the skirt is currently living on a dress form.... I'm looking forward to warmer seasons when I can enjoy wearing it.
    Kudos Melisa.

  2. Well thank you! I checked out your webpage, and I am thoroughly impressed with your necktie dresses. How imaginative!