Sunday, January 2, 2011

Alex Gets a Civil War Greatcoat the Third

Haaave you met Alex?

Sure you have. You may have read about him here or here.

Well I’ve been making him a Civil War inspired Greatcoat and cause I know you are all as eager as a colony of E. Coli on room-temperature Canadian beef to see the end result, I thought I would share an update.

 When we last visited the coat it looked a little something like this:

Well take this mess, add a snip snip here and a stitch stitch there, throw in a little magic and a late night and the coat now looks like






It’s all ready for a second fitting, but before I sent it off to Boston I had Cordelia try it on to make sure there were no major problems like me forgetting to put on a sleeve.

Just Kidding!

I left the sleeve off on purpose; Alex only has one arm.

He lost one in a tragic galactic bowling incident.

Just kidding!

 He still has both arms.
Gosh you are gullible.

Well as you may recall, Alex picked out a stripped fabric for the coat and we decided to play around with the grain of the fabric. Which means I’ve been chevroning just about every seam in the jacket.

Like for example here at the center back.

Or here at the side back seam.

And don’t forget about the sleeve seams.

But I didn’t chevron at the front armhole. Cause I matched-ish the stripes up instead.

Report back soon-ish to see the finished shindig!

Until Next Time
~Melisa & Cordelia


  1. whats the cheap shot on the Canadians, my Canadian great-great grandpa fought in your civil war, along with 70,000 other Canadians.
    and besides, that cow originated in the U.S.A, , but we didnt say anything about it

    1. Would you prefer I say, “I know you are all as eager as a colony of E. Coli on room-temperature Texas raised beef”? Cause I don’t care where the beef originated from, just that it makes an amusing analogy.