Friday, January 21, 2011

A Super Awesome Class for Super Awesome Students with Super Awesome Sewing Skills

I’ve been teaching this super awesome coat class at Hip Stitch, Albuquerque’s coolest hippest sewing lounge, and I showed my students how to make this coat.

I used this book, which might possibly be the coolest book published in the last year, and I highly recommend it to anyone with good taste.

Well, I had some super awesome students show up for the class and they were a great group

Dare I say they were a stellar group?
I dare!
They were stellar and had some super awesome sewing skills!

And by the end of class they ended up with these.

But students, what cute cotes you have!

“All the better to keep you worm with my dear.”

And then they huffed and they puffed and


Stop the press.

I think I'm getting my fairy tales mixed up.

And I deffinately don't mean to compare my students to big bad wolfs.
Cause they are most definitely not big.
Or bad.
Or wolfs.

And now, I shale go to bed. Because I am that kind of fun and exciting 20 something who goes to bed at 8PM on a Friday Night.

Happy Coating
~Melisa & Cordelia

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