Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make Your Very Own Reversible Wrap Skirt—The Final Haul.

Brace yourselves because what I am about to show you is



wait for it



Why is it Delightful you may ask?

I’ll tell you why it’s delightful.

It’s delightful because I am going to show you how to finish your wrap skirt.
And then I promise to never ever talk about a wrap skirt again.
Well, that is until Saturday when the second half of the class happens, and then I’ll have to brag about how talented my students are and I’ll have to show off their amazing creations. And then I’ll probably teach the class again cause it’s a seriously cool class and I’ll have to talk about wrap skirts again, but for the time being, I will shut up ad quit boring you with this skirt.

Just as soon as I finish showing you how to make the skirt.

So lets get this over with.

Take you waistband straps and, with right sides together, pin one to the corresponding side of the skirt leaving about a 20” tail on one side. The tail on the other side will be longer.

Take the second strap and with right sides together pin it to the first strap, sandwiching the skirt in-between the two.

Sew this edge with a ½” seam allowance. To give myself cleaner corners, I also like to sew the shot ends and a bit of the opposite long side of the strap as well.

Press the seam allowance open, and trim the corners.

Turn the tips of the straps right side out, and fold the waistband up away from the skirt. Press so everything is nice and smooth.

On one of the waistband strips fold down and press the ½” seam allowance.

Fold the second side down to match.

Edge stitch the folded edges together.

Try the skirt on and determine where you want the bottom strap to thread threw towards the front. Sew a buttonhole slightly shorter than the strap.

And there you have it.

A completed wrap skirt.

Which can also look like this:

And now you know why I don’t to tutorials for most of my projects.
Cause it takes
 Name that movie. Hint think great big scary dog and baseball.

Congratulations on sticking with me this far, and tomorrow, I promise to not mention this skirt. Not once.

Happy Skirt Completing
~Melisa & Cordelia


  1. did you cut your waist band on the bias_?

  2. Nope, straight of grain. Sometimes I do it on the cross grain too depending on my fabric situation.

  3. This is FABULOUS!!! Of course, I intend to make a few small changes, but the bones are amazing, and just what I was looking for!!! If only you included how to determine yardage requirements... ;)

    But it is so helpful! Thank you!

  4. We have the skirt all made and we love it but I can't figure out where to put the buttonhole. I'm very visual. Is there any chance you have a close-up photo of the buttonhole in the waistband that I could see? This was my 11-year old daughter's first sewing project. :) We've both tried the skirt on in an attempt to place the buttonhole but I'm still not getting it.

    1. You want to put the button hole where the side seam (the side that is sewn, not the one that overlaps) would hit on your body. Or, you can fold the skirt in half and put the button hole on that half way mark.

    2. Thank you for your reply.

  5. I know how long tutorials take, and I REALLY appreciate that you took the time to make this one as I have been looking for a wrap skirt pattern for ages, and 4 years on, I found yours and tomorrow I will make a skirt. Thank you, Thank you!