Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snugly PJ's for a Nasty Day.

Today, because the wind is howlin’ through my windows with more force than the Big Bad Wolf, because the weather can’t decide if it wants to rain, or blizzard, or just drop little balls of ice on my head, and because it’s just downright cold, I was inspired to share a pair of snugly PJ bottoms I made.

I didn't have enough of my fabric, so I added a band at the hem, cause I hate it when my PJ pants are too short. 

And, naturally, this was the perfect place to add a little rick rack, just cause I could.

If only I could put on these little beauties, make a pot of hot chocolate, crawl into bed and read my book , The Dressmaker, all day, I would be one happy little seamstress. Alas, there are cold people out there who need winter coats made, so I’m off to work on Alex’s Civil War greatcoat instead.

~Melisa & Cordleia

Happy Winter

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