Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story of a Dressform Named Weston Part 2

The Hart Designs team has a new member, Weston, who came to us all the way from the Australian Outback.

I’m excited because I have a new employee that I don’t have to pay a salary, give benefits to or offer paid vacations. Wow, I’m a super amazing, kind and generous boss.

Cordelia’s excited cause she didn’t even know they made male dressforms and I think sister’s a bit smitten with her new Australian stud.
She doesn't seam to care he's a short guy.

Yesterday he was telling us about how he grew up as a Cowboy, but decided he needed to come to New Mexico to search for a Jackalope. Last we heard he was headed to LA on a boat that was capsized in a heavy storm. So let’s see how he survived this misadventure.

“What! You were on a sunken ship! How’d you survive that?”

“Well I managed to grab onto a broken crate and I drifted at sea for 2 days until I washed up on a shore of Anacapa Island which is just off the coast of California. I don’t remember a whole lot of this period, but I was found, beaten, unconscious and malnourished by a pair of elderly sisters. One was a retired nurse and her sister an old librarian and both were widowed. The widows happened to be two of the island’s 3 permanent residents, and it was winter so no boats were traveling between the island and the mainland. The sisters nursed me back to health but it didn’t take long before I grew eager to find my Jackalope so one night I borrowed the widow’s canoe and paddled to LA.”

“Really? You paddled to LA? In a canoe?”

“Yep, and I stumbled onto dry land right in the middle of a film shoot. I was accosted by some director guy who offered me a roll in a movie about a dinosaur. Someone hadn’t shown up for work that day and he needed someone to flap around and pretend to be attacked by a T-Rex so I took the job cause I was broke. I made just enough to buy me a train ticket to the middle of nowhere Montana. That was the furthest East I could afford to go.”

“So what did you do when you made it to Montana?”

“Silly girl. I got a job working on a cattle ranch cause that’s about the only thing I’m any good at. I worked on the ranch for a couple of months, and even though I fell in love with the land, myJjackalope kept calling to me. As soon as I had saved up enough cash I bought me a horse and rode him to Grants New Mexico.”

“What happened in Grants? Did you find your Jackalope?”

“Nope. I spent 2 years searching for a Jackalope but had no luck. I finally got so frustrated I decided to track down this fellow who had written the article about the Jackalope. The article said hew was from Albuquerque, so that’s where I headed.”

“What happened next? Did you find the author? What did he have to say?”

“Yep, I found the man and all he could do is laugh at me. Turns out the article was written for a paper called The Onion and that it was completely fictional, and intended to be a joke. He explained that even if the Jackalope did exist, it would be much too small to ride. I was astonished. I stood there and watched my life’s dream crumble before my eyes. I was defeated and with no purpose in life I wondered into the nearest bar. Before I knew it I had returned to girls and booze and was living in a back ally again. Then one day it was so extremely hot I just needed some shelter. I stumbled into the first open store I could find.”

“It was Ann Silva’s right!?”

“That’s right! The ladies gave me some water and then you came in to teach a class and offered me a job, and the rest is history.”

And there you have it, the bizarre story of how a male dressform from Australia joined the Hart Designs team. Perhaps we now need to expand into men’s wear……..

Happy Sewing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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