Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drape, Drape, Drape on the Form.

Firstly, 10 Super Cool Human Points to the first person who can name the above movie allusion.

Secondly, the day has come.
The day Cordelia thought would never come.

at long last,
after months and months of waiting
I finally had a pattern I needed to drape on Cordelia.

What fun! What excitement! We were ready.

But before we begin, I would like you to take a look at Cordelia's reflection in the mirror! What Photography talent! I promise that was 100%, completely intentional. Or something like that.

Anywho, the first step to draping is to take some thin ribbon and some little tiny baby short pins and create the rough outline of the garment.
And again for the back. This serves as a guide and will help me know where to mark my muslin later on
Then I take my muslin (read any inexpensive fabric which has a similar structure and drape as the fashion fabric) and I start pinning it to the dress form until it looks like I want it to.

Oops. Sorry Cordelia did I poke you with that pin?
Well tough, get over it, that’s what happens to dress forms.

Once I have everything pinned in place I grab my marker and mark things like side seams, and the shape of the armhole.

I use my red ribbon to tell me where to mark my back neckline.
I had to pad Cordelia out a bit.  This is why she looks like she has a muffin top.  It's not because she has been eating too many homemade truffles. 

Then it’s just a snip, snip here and a stitch, stitch there, here a snip, there a stitch, everywhere a snip stitch. Old Melisa had a dressform!
Er, um. Waite. What I mean to say is:
I have a completed muslin (read rough draft of the final garment) ready for the first fitting.
Go ahead and call me
But only if you wish.
And when you add a skirt to it, it looks even more exciting. Even though I made this for a client, I love it so much I think I will have to “borrow” the design for myself. I can’t wait to cut this out of some green knit fabric and have myself a fab little sundress.
~Happy Draping
Melisa & Cordelia

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