Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer of Loooooove X4: It's All About THE DRESS!

Well I thought I had taken a whole series of close up shots of Rosie’s dress to add to my portfolio but I can’t find a single one which means A. I only thought I took the pictures but never did or 2. I took the pictures and managed to loose or delete them all. Knowing me either scenario is entirely possible.

Lucky for me however, people tend to hire professional photographers for their weddings, you know, cause they want memories of the big day. Also lucky for me, Rosie just sent me the link to her professional photographer’s pictures and he took several good ones of THE DRESS.

So I hijacked them.

Now before you get all worried about me stealing and using pictures I don’t have rights to, I did get permission from the photographer to put these pictures up on my web pages.

And the reason they all have watermarks on them is because I’m not patient enough to wait for the CD with the finalized pictures.

So thanks a bunch Sweet William Photography for letting me use the prints.

So, are you ready to see pictures of the dress???



Here I am pinning the flower onto the dress. I spent a lot of time that day pinning and unpinning the flower. It took a few tries until we got it into the perfect position.

Here’s the dress hanging. Sweet William’s hanging picture is infinitely better than mine.

He also did a better job of zooming in on the pleated bodice.

And on the flower.

Actually, I never even managed to get a picture of the flower so I give him an extra 20 super cool human points for this shot.

As promised, here are the shots of me with my hand down Rosie’s bodice. Sorry Rosie, but it is my duty as a blogger to share this with the world. Actually, don’t worry, I’ve only got about 3 readers, half of which are your family.

More pleated bodice. Only this time it’s on Rosie so it’s better.

THE DRESS is nice and flowey with good movement. All good qualities to have in a wedding gown.

Actually, the real reason I like this picture is because that's me hanging out in the door way and I like pictures of me.

Hahaha. JK. I'm not that narcissistic. Right?

Now for the money shots.
I think they speak for themselves. Although I do feel the need to point out Rosie is absolutely STUNNING! You know, in case you are tmepeorally rendered blind or something and can't figure it out on your own.


And then you throw in Danny and OH MY GOODNESS!

The back of the bodice is pleated too. I decided to pleat the back as well because I figured I’d spend most of the ceremony staring at her back so it should look as good as the front. I think I made the right decision.

I just liked theses shots so I threw them in. Plus I figured Danny deserved some face time too, even if I didn’t make anything he was wearing.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again:
What an absolutely good looking couple!

~Melisa & Cordelia

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