Monday, August 23, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Meet Miko“Hello Miko,” says Cordelia
“Hello Cordelia” says Miko

Miko is one of my best buddies and she’s cool because she is a potter.

 Or is it a ceramicists because she makes ceramic pots?
Whatever you call her she plays with clay and that is awesome.
Check out her work, you’ll like it and if you don’t, I will have to kick you in the shins cause that’s the kind of friend I am.

Well anyways, sometimes my friends have birthdays and sometimes I make them stuff for their birthdays cause I’m that kind of friend.

And that’s why they call me




The Giftanator Dun dun dun.

JK, no one has ever called me that.
I can’t imagine why not.

Anywho, Miko had a birthday a while back so I went ahead and made her this pencil skirt.

The fabric is Japanese and was her grandmothers. How cool is that? No one ever did anything with it, so I decided I needed to get a hold of it and cut it up a bit. Being a skirt is a much better use for the fabric than sitting in the back of a closet all day if I do say so myself.

I went ahead and put in a European turned underlining so the skirt would be as pretty on the inside too.


Well then I decided the skirt wasn’t enough so I made Miko this crown to complete her outfit.

This crown is amazing. It’s at least a foot tall and it’s covered in silk flowers.
It’s a true masterpiece; an example of millinery structural genius.
Or something like that.

I think Miko looks fantastic in it.

 but for some reason she didn’t want to wear it in public.
 I can’t imagine why not?

Then I got Miko all dressed up and took her to the bars. Cause it was her birthday and it was the right thing to do.

And then we went home and went to bed like all good little girls.

Happy Birthdaying
~Melisa & Cordelia

(She left THE CROWN at home. I simply can't understand why?!?)

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