Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cards Gone Wild!

The other day I walked into Papers! Albuquerque’s cutest little paper/ stationary store cause I was sent there to check out a seam finish on a bag.

I don’t remember the bag so well cause I got distracted by these little beauties:

They are only some of the cutest ribbons I have seen in a long while so I bought them.
 Cause I have a weakness for all things sewing related.

I got my ribbons home and I had no idea what I would do with them but after playing around for a bit I decided to use them to make note cards.

I was so happy with the results I was inspired to play around with a few more card variations and I ended up with these little puppies.

Cards may be my new favorite things to make cause they are quick and I get to use up all my scraps of fabric.
Now all I need to do is start sending them out.
 Watch for yours!

Happy Snail Mailing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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