Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Giftinator Strikes Again

You remember Rosie right?

If you don’t then clearly you must have the same condition as that guy in Memento and can’t make new memories cause I talk about her, like, all the time man.

But seriously, you do remember Rosie right?

She’s the one who made a bird skirt.

And the one who wore a Hart original to a little thing called her wedding.

Well, turns out Rosie just had a birthday and I had to make her a little something something cause I am the





 Turns out the local casino lets you play free bingo on your birthday so Rosie decided to check it out.

So I made her a Bingo bag. Cause it seamed like the right thing to do.

The bag is reversible and has outside pockets for her to put her Bingo dabber marker thingies into.


Unless of course you reverse it and then it has inside pockets for her to put her Bingo dabber marker thingies into.

It has cool handles:

And it has a removable fabric flower which can also double as a barrette if Rosie decides she’s feeling festive.

But the best part of the bag?
It came fully loaded with all the Bingo tools I was told Rosie would need.

 I threw in a some Bingo highlighters:

And a few Bingo dabber marker thingies,

And a Bingo glue stick (so Rosie could have glued all her different game boards together).

Really these pictures serve no purpose, but Cordelia is in the background and the poor girl has felt neglected lately so I thought I should throw her in.

Then we went to play Bingo, but not before I got a chance to make Rosie this birthday crown.

Only she cleverly forgot to take it with her so she didn’t have to wear it to her birthday Bingo party.

I don’t know why people keep “forgetting” my crowns?!?!

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