Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Knitinator

Haaaave you met Rosie?

“Hello Rosie,” says Cordelia.
“Hello Cordelia”, says Rosie.

Well, in case you haven’t met Rosie, you should probably fix that cause she is amazing.

“Why is Rosie amazing?” you may be asking yourself.
  I’ll tell ya why she is amazing.
 Rosie is amazing because, amongst other reasons, she knits.
And to be more specific she knitted me a super duper super beautiful super awesome sweater for my birthday.

That’s right, I have marvelously awesome friends with marvelously awesome knitting skills!

From now on, Rosie shall be known as,




The Knitinator!!!!!!

Lets take a closer look at my stellar sweater.

It has a zigzag pattern all around the center front, collar, hem and sleeve hems. Um beautiful!

But perhaps my most favorite part of the sweater?
These little bust darts.

How cute are they?
Super cute.

I love my sweater. As soon as I convince Cordelia to give it back I’m going to wear it every day. Every single day, for the rest of my life.  I don't care how stinky I may get, it'll be worth it! 

Thanks Rosie!!!!

Happy Birthdaying
~Melisa and Cordelia

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