Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anthropologie Knock Off

The other day I was perusing the Anthropologie website and I, like usual, found a skirt I absolutely fell in love with. Well as normal, I refused to spend a bazillion and 10 bucks on a skirt I could easily make myself so I copied it a bit. And I simplified it a bit so it would make a great class project.

Incidentally, the same day I found the skirt at Anthropologie, I had been reading the blog Make it and Love it and Ashley and come up with the greatest idea to use bias tape as trim. So I borrowed the idea and added 5 rows of brown bias tape to the hem.

Finally, because I love to accentuate my waist, I made a quick fabric belt to finish the ensemble.

And there you have it, an easy cute skirt worthy of Anthropologie status.

Happy Thursday
~Melisa & Cordelia


  1. I soooo want to make this skirt!

  2. Wellllll.....I happen to know this skirt will be offered as a class at ABQ's very own Hip Stitch.... Might I see you there? Please say yes!