Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Aftermath: The Flower Girl

As you may recall, The Brother Hart got hitched this weekend and I did a bunch of sewing for the wedding.
For example I made the flower girl’s dress.

 Last time we visited the dress it looked like this because I didn’t have access to the flower girl.

Well the big day came and little Lilly was too excited to put on her “princess dress”.

We let her get ready with the “Big Girls” and she was absolutely darling in her outfit.

I was quite stocked she decided to walk down the isle with me instead of with her daddy who happened to be the best man.

She was so well behaved and walked all the way up the isle and then decided she was going to stand up with me for the whole ceremony.

That is until she got tired.

So she ran and sat on The Mama Hart’s lap where she got to enjoy the remainder of the ceremony snuggled up in worm arms.
I was only slightly envious.

Then when it was time for me to walk back down the isle, she decided to join me again!

Did you have fun Lilly? Do you like being a Flower Girl?

I think so. She was the star after all. Sorry Lauren, I know that as the bride that should be the center of attention, but I think Lilly may have out shown you just a bit.

She had tuns of fun all night until she finally couldn’t take anymore and crashed on the table.

Now that’s a centerpiece!

Happy Wedding
~Melisa & Cordelia

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  1. I know I'm way late to comment on this, but you all looked great, and it was a wonderful celebration! Lilly was so cute! One of the best parts was how beautiful your mother looked in her Hart original. The color, the styling, the inverted pleats that swung from side to side like a bell when she walked. You Harts just clean up good! Cousin Laura