Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Bachelorette Dress

Hello blogging friends,

A couple weekends ago one of my friends got married. But before saying “I do!” she had herself a little bachelorette party. So I made myself a new dress—cause I could.

I used a black cotton which I absolutely fell in love with because it looks like it is flocked, but it’s not!

I have been really eager to make a dress with a bustier top so I gave it a whirl—under bust wires, coil boning and all. It was a little tricky to fit right, but in the end I got it to work.

Part of the reason I got the fit just right was because I flat lined the entire bodice in Horse Hair canvas which really helped it hold the shape smoothly.

To add extra support and structure to the skirt, I used an European Turned Underlinging made from cute pink fabric.

I also Mitered the corners, cause that’s what you’ve got to do it’s so easy and so purty!

I wanted to get a little bit of the pink on the outside of the dress, so I made a flower and ribbon belt which also accentuates my waist (which is a good thing!)

And Voila! I ended up with a dress suitable for a bachelorette party.

But, because I don’t often wear strapless dresses, I also included some removable straps which add a real elegant look to the dress making it appropriate for fancier occasions too!

Happy Bacheloretting
~Melisa & Cordelia

PS. Check back tomorrow cause I should have a tutorial on how to make the flower!

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