Monday, August 22, 2011

Shower-curtain Sundress

A while back I bought a shower curtain, not because I needed or wanted a shower curtain, but because I fell in love with the fabric.

I brought my shower curtain home and decided to turn it into curtains for my bedroom.

This was a brilliant idea because all I had to do was cut the curtain down to the right side and add a boarder of contrasting fabric to finish off the raw edges. I used the buttonholes that were already there so it turned into a ridiculously easy project.

Well every morning I would wake up and stare at my curtains and think how much I love the fabric. So I went and got another shower curtain and, because I had a wedding to go to, I turned this one into a sundress.

I added a button detail to the center front to add a little interest to the bodice.

Because I just can’t say no to rick rack, I added some to the hem of the skirt.

I wanted the dress to be uber comfy, so I used elastic thread to smock the center back panel of the dress, which helps the strapless dress stay put, but it also lets it stretch out after I’ve eaten three plate fulls of friend chicken.

Just before heading to Indiana for the wedding, I read an article in Threads about a woman who had used her mother’s curtains to make her prom dress. When her date picked her up he exclaimed that her dress looked just like his mother’s curtains! The poor woman was mortified which lead me to question the brilliance of my using shower curtains to make clothes—especially because I purchased the curtain at a popular nation wide store.
What do you think, is this resourceful method for me to find more fabric options, or is it just silly?
I'm not sure on that one, but I did receive a lot of compliments on the dress so I'm going to go with it's a good idea.

Happy Sewing
Melisa & Cordelia


  1. It's a beautiful dress made from beautiful fabric no matter where it came from!

  2. After using it as a shower curtain, you turned it into a bedroom curtain and then to a sundress. It’s fabulous, Melissa! No one would imagine that this was a shower curtain before. You really made the most out of it, huh? I wonder if you have another plan after this. ;]