Friday, July 16, 2010

The California Files: Adventures at Britex

Meet Britex Fabrics

“Hello Britex” says Cordelia.

“Helly Cordelia” says Britex.


Britex Fabrics may be my favorite spot on earth. Well maybe not my favorite, but one of my top 50 favorites. Why? Cause Britex is home to 4 floors of fabric wounderfulness. If you are a fabric junkie, it’s pure bliss.

So, as soon as I got to San Francisco I had to run, not walk, to the store. I couldn’t control myself. I have little will power.

Poor Cordelia, she’s green with envy.

Well I got to the store and I meandered through the first floor which is all wools and silks.

And then I made my way to the second floor which is cottons.

And I spent a fair amount of time on the 3rd floor which is buttons and trims.

But then I made it to the 4th floor and this is where the fun really got started. The 4th floor of Britex Fabrics is reserved for the remnants and sale fabrics. Now usually remnant fabrics are the last few inches left on the bolt that no one wants so the fabric store has to wrap them up and make them look appealing to trick you into buying them. But not at Britex. At Britex the remnants are cut in nice long lengths usually around 21/2- 3 yards. And they are beautiful. And come in every variety of fabric imaginable. And the best part? The are marked down!! So I went a bit crazy.

First I picked up this amazing white wool from Italy.

I LOVE the weave of it. It has texture and color while still being simple.

 I’m itching to make a winter coat out of this. With a dramatic collar. Ohh, it’s gona be a beaut.

Then I found this silk jersey and I just about died for the print. It’s so dainty and cute, yet not too cutsey.

I already have plans for a drapey, wrappie, summer dress. Perhaps to wear to one of my upcoming weddings?

And then I found this Italian cotton. I have one thing to say about those Italians, they sure know how to make some fabulous fabric.

I wish you could feel it. It’s so smooth, like butta. Mmmm. This is gona make a great little Cocktail bombshell dress.

The 4th floor of Britex is also home to the sweetest, cutest lady. She use to work in the fashion industry, but gave it up to work at Britex cause she likes her bosses at Britex better. She also claimed to be the creator of the Palazzo Pant. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m gona roll with it. It’s more fun this way.

Point is Britex is awesome and you should go.

But California was not all about fabric shopping.

For one thing I got to watch The Brother Hart defend his thesis.

And then I got to help him celebrate passing the defense of his thesis.

These celebrations are best done while wearing a silly hat.

And then I watched him graduate.

And cause the Future Sister-In-Law Hart works for Tesla motors I got to ride in this car.

 Which is sooooooo cool. It goes really fast super quick. And is really quiet so it sneaks up on you. Even though it’s orange. Really orange.

But now I’m back home and it’s back to work for me and Cordelia. Well at least until we get to take off for the first wedding in Lake Powell!!!!

Happy Fabric Stash Building
~Melisa & Cordelia

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