Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer of Loooooove X 3: Danny and Rosie Tie the Knot

You remember Rosie?

My Vanilla Pop partner? The one who also likes to make skirts to wear to their concerts?

Well she just got married and I got to make her dress!

Here she is with Danny.

I do say, they are a seriously good looking couple.

The wedding was a blast. Actually the whole week leading up to the wedding was a blast.

The festivities started with Rosie’s bridal shower where we played fun games,
and she opened presents,

and then we made her a pretty bow out of the ribbons and bows from the presents.


And then we had the rehersal dinner which was beautifully decorated.

It started raining during the dinner so some of us decided to use our napkins as protective head wear.

I think I shall start a new fashion trend.

But then Danny found an umbrella which he shared with Rosie. But only Rosie so the rest of us had to continue using our napkin hats.

Some speeches were made. These are Danny’s parents and they read a bit from Dr. Seuss’s book “ Oh The Places You’ll Go.” It was cute.

Then the day of the wedding came. I started my day by waking up and steaming THE DRESS.

Then I went to the bed and breakfast where I got to steam THE DRESS some more. The photographer has lots of unflattering pictures of me steaming and sweating cause it was hot and the steam only made me sweat more.

Then we all had to get ready which consisted of painting of toe nails.

And brushing of teeth.

And applying of make up.

And putting on bridesmaids dresses.

And of taking pictures of the Photographers taking pictures.

And finally of getting Rosie into THE DRESS.

Are you ready to see THE DRESS?????

Are you sure???

Wouldn’t you prefer to just imagine it????


Well then I guess I’ll have to show you.

Here you go!

Hahaha Just Kidding! That’s the muslin/ rough draft.

Here’s the real deal hanging.

It hangs so well.

The bodice is all pleated. Cause pleats are fun.

And it has a flower, cause flowers are fun.

The photographer took a series of shots with my hand down Rosie's bodice as I pinned the flower on.  I don't think he got one flattering picture of me all day!

I used a fun fabric for the armhole facings.

 I also used fun ribbon for the waist stay.

I like it when the insides of my dresses are as pretty as the outside. Plus it seamed appropriate to throw in something blue.

Rosie seams to like it.


Now lets take a moment to admire the Groom.

Isn’t he absolutely AD-OR-AB-LE in his bowtie?

I LOVE this bowtie. Go Danny for agreeing to wear polk-a-dots!

Well everybody was all dressed so it was time for the ceremony to start.

The dress is just as lovely from the back.

Here they are doing their vows, which were exquisite by the way.

Don’t forget the ring action.

Or the lighting of the candles.

Or readings by Rosie's parents.

(The man in the green tie, aka the father of the bride was my high school geometry teacher!  How do you like them apples?)

Or doing the “YES WERE MARRIED” dance down the isle.

This is Beth the maid of honor.

And these are Rosie's sisters.

And this is Rosie’s niece who was the flower girl. Her grandma made her dress and wreath. CUTE!!

And then Danny and Rosie had to pose for some pictures while everything got set up for the reception.

Now prepare yourself to see evidence of the most elegant wedding I have attended.

Instead of a guest book, Rosie had everyone sign a square of muslin which she is going to sew together to make a quilt. Now talk about a good idea!

Of course they did the traditional cutting of the cake.

And the first dance.

And of toasts.

"You're being a bad influence to me" one of Rosie's younger cousins was hear saying as this picture was taken. 

And then the reception got started.

But not before getting a picture of THE DRESS and the dressmaker.

And then we took a silly one cause it was the right thing to do.

Rosie didn’t want to bustle her dress so instead I sewed a wrist loop into the train of the dress and she held it up.

And sometimes she twirled.

The flower girl especially liked this cause it let her help carry the train.

And I liked it cause I got to wrap myself up in it when I got chilly.

JK, it never got chilly.

 Naturally, it can’t be a good wedding until you have a little swimming.

And some dancing in the rain.

And some pants on the ground?


Happy Nuptials
~Melisa & Cordelia

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  1. Oh my! I love it! Thank you Melisa for making my dress. What a lovely dress it was!