Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March of the Tools.

Earlier today I was perusing my BFF Heather Bailey's blog and a few years back she started a blogging tradition she calls March of the Tools.
 What’s this you may ask?
Well, she spends the month of March sharing her favorite sewing, cooking, crafting, and playing tools, and she has asked fellow crafty bloggers to keep her company. I have decided to participate, so prepare yourself as I spend the month sharing some of my favorite tools!

Today I'll kick off the month by sharing a Super Duper Top Secret Totally Confidential Sewing Tool.

I think.

I have given this much thought and have decided I can trust you with my secret.

I think.

I have decided that this sewing tool is so helpful and has saved me so much heartache that I should definitely share it with you, my wonderful readers.

I think.

So here we go.

Are you ready to see what the Super Duper Top Secret Totally Confidential Sewing Tool is?

Are you sure?

Can I trust you with my secret?

And can I be assured you will use this knowledge wisely?

You will?

Ok then, lets go!

Here it is:

That’s right, the Super Duper Top Secret Totally Confidential Sewing Tool is a glue stick.

Any old glue stick will do.
I use the cheep 10 for $1 ones I get at Pick n’Save.

You laugh.

Well check out some of the cool things you can do with your glue stick and see if you're still laughing.

It works well for basting ribbon and trim in place.
You just smear some glue on the trim,

Stick the trim where you want it,

Sew the trim in place and TaDa!

Everything is lined up where it should be.

I used my glue stick to make this card.

But they also work well on fabric too.

And, you don't have to worry about it gumming up your machine.
Trust me, I've asked the Bernia maintenance guys about this one.
If you still don't believe me, please call Ricardo at Ann Silva's. 
He'll tell ya.

If I’m going to use my machine to sew a button on I just smear a little glue onto the back of the button, place it where I want it and then sew away.

But you want to know my all time absolute favorite way to use the Super Duper Top Secret Totally Confidential Sewing Glue Stick?

It's fantastic for holding zippers in place as I sew them in.
Yep I use a glue stick every time.
True story.


So go get yourself some of these babies and see what other ways you can come up with to use them.

Happy Gluing,
~Melisa & Cordelia

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  1. Awesome! I love using glue sticks to stick my fabrics together before sewing! :)