Monday, March 28, 2011

Tie Fest

As you may have heard, The Brother Hart is getting hitched in a few days, and as the loving sister I am, I have agreed to do some sewing for the wedding.

Like for example I made all the men’s ties. That’s 7 ties people. Well actually 8 because I had one get terribly screwed up in the final stage and had to start all over again. But we won’t talk about that.

My tie making journey started by laying out and cutting the fabric. I got really lucky and found a stripped fabric that matches the wedding colors pretty darn well.

Then after a little stitch stitch here and a little steam there I had a tie!

I lined the inside with peach taffeta and used some rickrack for the little tie holder thing. Does anyone know the technical term for that thing? Do people actually use them? I don’t wear ties, nor do any of the men in my life with any regularity, so I’m a little unclear on the concept.

Confession time:

Hello, my name is Melisa Hart. I am a fashion designer and I don’t know how to tie a men’s tie.

Seriously, after several failed attempts I had to look up directions online. It didn’t help that Cordelia was barking orders at me the whole time.

“I said OVER, not UNDER! OVER!!”

Here they are all lined up.
 I accidentally have one with the stripes going the wrong way.  But that's OK, I'll give it to The Brother Hart and pretend I did that on purpose.  You know, to set him apart from the rest cause he is special.
 The one with the wider stripes at the bottom is intended for The Papa Hart.  That was totally intentional. 

  Aren’t they cute! I love em and think the men will be dashing.

Happy Tie Making
Melisa & Cordelia

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