Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The One in which I Get a Job with Giorgio Armani.

 A while back I got a very interesting phone call from Giorgio Armani.
He said, “Melisa, I have seen your blog and I’m interested in having you come work for me.”

I said, “Errrr, um, what? Armani who?”
Because I have a super stellar communication skills when under pressure.


Well turns out Armani is much more eloquent while on the phone than I am and he ignored my idiotic babbling and said, “I’m sending you some fabric for a trial run. Make what you want, and if I like it, you’re hired.”

And then he hung up which was a good thing cause I think I started to drool, and it would just be unfortunate to drool all over Armani.
Even if all drooling occurred through a phone.

Then a few days later this fabric showed up in my mail.

So I cut it up, worked a little magic, sent a coat to Armani and he said ,”Melisa! You are a genius. I’ve been searching for you all my life! You must take over for me so I can finally retire and feel confident I’m leaving the company in good hands.”

And I said. “........…”

Actually I didn’t say anything because by then I had woken up. The whole ordeal was just a beautifully glorious dream.

But I did really get to cut up some beautiful Armani fabric to make a wedding coat for The Future Sister In-Law Hart, and that was probably just as fabulous.

This fabric is luxurious to the 9 billionth degree.

Like totally.

You should feel it.

I might have to drape it all over my body and refuse to take it off.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll have some pictures of the coat so far. But not too many, because I don’t want to ruin the grand wedding surprise.

Happy Dreaming
~Melisa & Cordelia

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