Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Chronicles Begin.

Meet Cordelia.

 Cordelia is the newest employee at Hart Designs.

So far she’s a pretty good worker. She's mostly quite so she never complains and she never asks for raises.
Benefits? What’s that she asks?
We wont’ tell her—she doesn’t need health insurance, or paid holidays

Really, my only complaint is her lack of hips and butt. But that’s ok, we can pad her out and take care of that little issue.


What NO?!?!?!

 How about a chocolate truffle then? It’s homemade.


Will you eat a cupcake then? 
You need to pad out those hips somehow.

You will?!
Waite ! Don’t eat that! It’s made of yarn and full of pins. That can’t be good for the digestive system. (Thanks to Rosie for knitting such an awesome pin cushion BTW).

Oddly, she doesn’t seam to care for clothes. Um, Cordelia, um, this is a fashion company; maybe you should put some clothes on.

Yeeeah, by clothes I meant let’s cover up your naughty bits. On the bright side, if you fail at all other tasks, you can always be a fancy coat rack.

Much better. In fact, I’m so happy with Cordelia I think I’ll make her my new VP

That’s right Oadie. This means you’ve been demoted.
Capital DE-MO-TED.



Why you ask?

 Well, because there is more to being a VP than “supervising”.

Even if you do "supervise" well.

And I don't mean doing things like:

Tangeling the thread in my machiene.

Or chasing the thread as I sew.

And I definitely, positively, most absolutely don't mean

doing things like


stealing my lace I just died pink to match the print of a dress.

And cause here at Hart Designs, everyone has to pull her own weight.

 Even if you're sleeping with the boss.

 And I'm not sure you do much more than sleep.


  1. Very clever. I look forward to the further adventures of Miss Cordelia. (I have to call her that because we haven't been formally introduced. -Mary

  2. Hi Melisa, I have a cat that insists that I should not use pins to pin down my patterns. Once I put in a pin, he waits till I am putting in the next one, then he pull out the 1st one and so on and so on, all accomplished without thumbs :). So now I just put a weight (or several) on the pattern so that I can cut it out. So please don't moan that Oadie just sleeps, more often it is when they do nothing that helps the most. My cat's other job (so he thinks) is helping me lay out the pattern and dives underneath to see if all the wrinkles are out of the fabric, as I said less help is definitely MORE help when we are refering to cats. just found your blog and love it. Ciao Nadia