Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Say NO! (To Catnip)

Meet Tilly.
"Hello Tilly!" Says Cordelia
"Hello Cordelia" says Tilly.

 Tilly is the sweetest, kindest, most adorable, lovable, innocent, passive cat I have ever had. She is the definition of all things good and kind.

 However, she’s not the smartest. But that’s ok, cause what she’s lacking in the brain department she makes up for in her good looks.

Tilly has 3 great passions in her life.

Sleeping . . .


Eating . . .

And Catnip.

She’s a little drug baby.
Seriously, her mom was hyped up on catnip the whole time she was pregnant

Her only flaw?

She likes to take my tape measures and once Tilly gets her paws on one of those things, it’s history.

I’ll never see it again.

I think she sells them on the street to pay for her catnip habit.

Here’s proof that Tilly is hanging with a questionable crowd.

A while back she came home with a hole in her head.


And a severely bruised neck. 

 The poor kitty was in so much pain she could hardly move. See Tilly, this is why you don’t hang out with catnip dealers. Eventually a deal is going to go sour and you’ll get into a fight.

 And loose.

 Cause you're a lover, not a fighter.

But getting beat up wasn’t all so bad.

 For one thing, she got the good pain meds.

And for another, I felt so bad for her I let her lay on the quilt top I made.

Tilly has good taste in fabrics.
She loves to roll all over my most expensive/ labor intensive projects.

And then Cordelia got so jealous I had to let her lay on the quilt too.
She’s a demanding little bugger.

Here’s the quilt.

Go ahead and call me





Actually don’t.

Only little old ladies make quilts and I’m not ready to be one of
those yet.

Then I had to get a picture of Cordelia with the quilt cause she likes to be the center of attention.

Cordelia has to wear her floppy straw sunhat when she goes outside because she has a delicate complexion. And really, who wants a dress form with freckles? Not me.

And then, because catnips a hard habit to kick.
And because Tilly’s not such a quick learner. . .

She came home with another hole in her head!

Which she scratched.
And licked.
And chewed at until it was

And redder
And grosser.

So I had to put this on her.

The Cone of Shame.

Poor Sweet Tilly.
Someday you will learn not to fight with neighborhood dealers.
And hopefully it’ll be soon
Cause I don’t love paying all these vet bills.

And then Cordelia wanted a cone of her own.
But I said no.

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  1. Each chapter gets more exciting--can't wait for the next one!!!
    Aunt Connie