Monday, April 12, 2010

Cordelias First Assignment.

So Cordelia’s gotten a bit lazy—that and she’s been spending too much time with Oadie who is teaching her bad habits—and she has taken to sleeping most of the day

This is understandable, as so far I have had little work for her and hanging around all day doing nothing must get quite dull.

 But today I had a task for her.

“Psssssst. Cordelia."


"Wake up! I have work for you!”

 She didn’t want to get up. Apparently she gets quite grouchy when you wake her up before 1 PM.

I had to feed her lots of coffee to make amends.

She did cheer up a bit when she heard I needed her to try on a muslin of a bodice of a dress.

A heavily pleated bodice.

Look at all those pleats.

 This is why they call me


Actually, no one has ever called me that.

 Not once.

 But they should

“I want pleats! Lots and lots of pleats”
said the client who will someday wear this dress.

“I DEMAND pleats. I DREAM of pleats! GIVE ME PLEATS!”

Actually, I’m making that up. I’m pretty sure I was the one demanding pleats. But it’s fun to pretend I have to deal with crazy demanding clients instead of the sweet accommodating ones I have been blessed with

Then I added a midriff band.

To accentuate the waist and all.

 Accentuated waists are good.

 Unless you don’t have one, and that’s just unfortunate.

Then comes the skirt.

 Now it looks like a real dress. It’s all ready for the first fitting!

 Which went quite well, in case you were wondering.

Cause I am

.........waite for it................

JK. I wish!!

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