Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dumpster Diving

So I may, or may not, have dove head first into the JoAnn’s Fabrics dumpster.

Ok, so I eagerly jumped right in and splashed around a bit and collected a carload of old fabric bolts in the process.

For those of you who did not know, like myself, your local JoAnn’s most likely has an ally behind the store.
And in this ally you will most likely find a dumpster full of nothing but old fabric bolts waiting to be picked up by the recycle man (hopefully it’s the recycle man and not the garbage man).
And, if you find said dumpster, you are welcome to take all the old bolts you want, provided you don’t get caught.
 Which I didn’t.
Because I am so stealth like the CIA has been trying to recruit me for years.
That's the Central Intelligence Agency, not the Culinary Institute of America in case you were wondering.

Although I am a fantastic cook and the CIA would be lucky to have me.
That's the Culinary Institute of America, not the Central Intelligence Agency in case you were wondering.

Actually I'm not that great of a cook, so the CIA probably doesn't want anything to do with me.
That's the Culinary Insti...oh you get the point!
I took my booty home, and after an evening of surprisingly physically exhausting labor (they don't call it a textile workout for nothin'), I turned this:

Into this:

And this:

And this:

I had more fabric to wrap, but sadly I did not pick up enough bolts and will have to take another top secret mission to the JoAnn's dumpster.

Just think how much nicer my fabric will look on a bookshelf now then it would all folded up in sad little folded piles. Not that there is anything wrong with sad little folded piles, they just have a tendency to become messed up little depressing piles and I don’t want to spend my life straightening and refolding fabric.

Happy Scavenging
~Melisa & Cordelia


  1. Cute! Turned out lovely and useful. I love how the bolts didn't go to waste either! Check out my blog Curb Alert! I would love to feature this post w/your permission!

  2. I do the same thing at Joann's! Except i havent organized it yet.