Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Just In

This just in.

I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you some exciting news.

Cordelia is--with just a little help from me--getting ready





Cordelia and I are opening a sewing lounge and fabric store!!!!!!.

That’s right folks, it’s official.
Cordelia and I signed the lease and have entered the business land of no return.
So, in a little over a month (maybe more depending on how quickly we get our contractor out of our hair) we will be opening the doors of Stitchology, Albuquerque’s newest sewing lounge and fabric boutique!!!!

If you are in the ABQ aria, come check us out and say hi. We’d love to see ya!

Happy Sewing
Melisa & Cordelia

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  1. How cool! But I think you will think you have adopted your contractor by the time he is finished! I have heard many stories and have never heard of one finishing early or on time...just saying, I hope you like hanging out with him! So will you be continuing Hart Creations? Teaching classes? Selling fabric? all of the above? Congratulations! Love from your cousin, Laura