Friday, December 9, 2011

Featured Fabric Friday!

Welcome to a new segment I like to call Featured Fabric Friday.

On this segment, I will show you one of my favorite fabrics from Stitchology, and then share an idea or two of what YOU can do with the fabric.

Sound like fun?
You know it does!

So let’s get started!

On this Featured Fabric Friday I want to show you this amazing scrumptious rose wool boucle!

Delicious I say, and what a unique color for wool!
But what can you do with rose wool you ask?

Well, why not consider making a Baby Cakes cote for your favorite little girl?

My Favorite Part of the coat is the curved yoke on the front and back.

Or maybe it's the pleat in the back.

Then again, it might be the lining.

There are too many things to love about this coat!

Happy Sewing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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