Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Put a Bird On It Christmas Style

All my life I have dreamed of a bright pink Christmas tree. Only I could never justify spending the cash on something so tacky.

Until now.
 Now I have a fabric store that is just the perfect home for a bright pink tree, so I fulfilled my dreams and got the pink tree.

After setting it up and covering it with folded paper fashions, I decided it was a little naked, thus I made it a skirt.

 I don’t really go for the traditional Christmas designs, and when you have a pink tree you need to do something a little unexpected, so I covered my tree skirt in felt flowers and, you guessed it, birds.

 Cause birds make things purty.
 If you don’t believe me, watch this video.

I Do say, the bird skirt dresses the tree up nicely!

Now this is something I can proudly display in my store window!

Happy Decorating
~Melisa & Cordelia