Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spoiler Alert! Matching Dresses to Come.

So back in March I participated in a fashion show, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy running around doing other more important things. Like unsuccessfully trying to convince the hair stylist I was a model so I could score some fabulous hair like this:

 Actually I didn’t really do that, I just spent the entire time telling Miko how I wanted to but then chickening out.
Cause I'm a wuss.

Anywho, I finally found the pictures that Evan Moore one of Albuquerque’s more talented photographers took so I thought I would share them with you!

But first, Evan deserves a great big thank you for actually documenting the event.


Here I am with my models.

 Fun fact: one of these outfits does not belong (meaning it’s not my design). 10 super cool human points to the first person to tell me which is the imposter!!

Hint: It's not my own outfit.

As promised, a picture of the matching mother-daughter sun dresses. Please don’t be confused, this child does not belong to the model. Her real mother was in the audience taking pictures of this cuteness.

They look just as adorable from the back! I think this was the crowd favorite.
Cause it’s such an amazing design.
 It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the models.
Nope, nothing at all.

Now we have the matching tweed coats! These two do belong together. Thanks Wesley for lending me your child! Oh and for modeling too!

This top is made from a tablecloth.
Half of a tablecloth to be exact.
 A free one with some random initials monogrammed on it some company sent to my mom to get her to order one of her own. She had no use for half a tablecloth with weird initials so I cut it up and now people wear it.

"How you like them apples?"
 Name that movie quote.
No seriously, do. I can’t place it.

I just got it!
Hint: Matt Damon!

Who let this model on the runway with a black bra on under that blouse?!?!?!
I want to know who’s in charge of quality control around here, cause I plan on giving them a severe verbal slap to the head.
Bad quality control person.
Oh, Waite, I guess that was my job.
 In that case, no worries, just try to do better in the future.

This is one of my favorite shots with the dueling outfits. Which would win in a fight? I think the rose outfit would soooo take the lace one.
 Cause roses have thorns.

And you just got to love this dress. It shoots well. And this model has the most amazing green eyes.
I wants!
 The eyes, not the dress.
Silly rabbit, I already have the dress.

Ha designer walk. 
 Yes I did make my outfit too.
 Look at that awkward wave. This is why I am not a model. Cause I get on the runway and do weird stuff like flutter my hands.
Thats why they call me...




The Flutternator Dun Dun Dun.

JK, no one calls me that.
It would be weird if they did.
Cause it’s so not an intimidating or cool name.
And it makes me sound like a butterfly.

Anywho, while I may not be so good at modeling, I sure am good at bossing my models around.

 Look at how well they listen. Or so I like to tell myself that’s what they are doing , you know, instead of staring off into space and concentrating on not pulling a Carrie Bradshaw.

At least that’s what I would be worried about if I were them.
Cause it’s highly likely that I would break a heel, fall on the runway and manage to moon the entire audience in the process.

You know, cause I have such a great presence while on stage and all.

Happy Modeling
~Melisa and Cordelia

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