Saturday, October 23, 2010

They Done Listened!

Well a few days back I wrote a blog entry where I shamelessly requested readers adopt Cordelia and me and give us all their cool collections. Well someone listened, adopted us and sent us some cool stuff. I was shocked how well my evil plan worked.

Granted it was my Aunt Connie who already claims me (which is convenient cause she’d be stuck with me whether she liked it or not), and who has been giving me cool stuff my entire life, and who was probably already planning on sending me this cool stuff, but I am choosing to overlook these few minor, itty bitty, teeny tiny details.

So you must be wondering what cool things the Mail Man brought me and Cordelia?

“Cordelia, what do ya think? Should we show them what we got?”

“Yes? “

Ok, lets go then.

First I discovered an assortment of vintage jewelry which came from my Uncle Larry’s mother. None of it’s anything fabulous, but there were some neat peaces I’m sure I’ll have fun playing with.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces. Sorry about the sub par photos, I couldn’t figure out how to set my camera correctly.

But the here’s the real icing on the cake.

Check out these puppies.

They are Pinking Shears!

They pink as they cut!
They eliminate overcastting!
 They prevent raveling!
And they give a smart finish to inside seams!
And, according to the back of the box, someone payed a most impressive $1.95 for these things. 
 Talk about a good deal.

These suckers belonged to my Great Grandma, who as Aunt Connie told me in her note, “always cut her fabric on the kitchen table.” Aunt Connie also mentions she “remembers her (great grandma) using them to cut fabric with dress patterns pinned to it.”

To which The Mama Hart replied,
“Momma never used pins! She used tea cups! And she never really fallowed the pattern: she just cut wherever she wanted it seamed. But I do think she preferred to sew than cook.”

Well who could blame her?
 Sewing is waaaaaaaay better than cooking.
No competition.

Thanks for adopting Cordelia and Me Aunt Connie!

Happy using your Great Grandma's sewing supplies!
~Melisa & Cordelia

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