Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Bridal Shower

One of the fun and exciting events I attended during my recent trip to Dallas was The Future Sister-in-laws bridal shower.

Somehow this is the only picture I got of her.
Stalker much?

The Mama Hart came to the bridal shower.

As did The Aunt Connie.

Mini Cordelia/ Cordeliaette came too.

I smuggled her in by throwing her into my purse.

The bridal shower was held at a Viking retailer/ culinary school, so after an amazing brunch we all gathered in a super impressive classroom and had a cooking demonstration.

The chef showed us how to make quarto leches cake.

That’s right, tres leches aren’t enough for us so we threw in a 4th milk, and let me tell you, that forth milk makes all the difference.
Not that I can remember what it is.
Something to do with boiling sweetened condensed milk (still in the can) until it turns to a caramel type sauce and then dribbling this over the top of the cake.

Talk about yum!

Cordeliaette loved the cake too.

She wanted to dive in (literally—sister’s small enough she could have done backstrokes around the cake) and eat the whole thing on her own.

Luckily I caught her before she took the plunge so there was enough cake to share with the bride.

It's also lucky we had to share cause otherwise we would have eaten enough we would not have fit into our fashion challenge garments later that day.

Happy Cooking
~Melisa & Cordelia & Cordeliaette.

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  1. What an amazing cake! I am sure it would have been very delicious. Congratulations on getting married! My aunt baked a beautiful cake for my bridal shower. We even had an after party in one of the Los Angeles event venues. I miss that time a lot.