Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dallas Design Challange, the Grand Event

Hi Ya’ll

Cordelia and I have been MIA for a bit. A little over a week to be exact, but we think we have a very good excuse for taking a blogging break. For example, we were in Texas doing super important Texas type things. Like participating in fabric challenges and impressing all the independent pattern company owners, or attending glamorous wedding parties. And then we spent a few crazy days cleaning and organizing our new studio. For the first time ever, it’s mostly box free!

Because I know you are just DYING to see what Cordelia has been up to, we will share a few of our trip pictures with you. Yay!

As you may recall, I have been prepping for a fashion challenge for several weeks, and the challenge took place last weekend in Dallas so Cordelia and I went, seeing as how we had made 3 outfits for it.

In case you don’t remember, here are the rules for the challenge.

I was given a hypothetical scenario—I was headed to a beach wedding and needed 3 outfits, one to wear to a rehearsal brunch, one for the wedding and one for the morning after breakfast. One garment had to be reversible, and another had to be visibly worn with every outfit. Also, because that’s not enough, I was sent 5 fabrics and had to use some of all and was not allowed to introduce any other unless I needed it for a lining.

Oh, and I had to use the patterns designed by the independent pattern drafters who were sponsoring the challenge.

Well, after several nights of planning, I came up with my game plan and came up with 3 satisfactory outfits.

I took The Mama Hart to the challenge with me.

Because she is such a good slave and agreed to carry my garment bag.

Plus she was wearing a beautiful brown skirt I made her and was a great walking billboard for Hart Designs.

Cordelia came too. Or at least a mini, black version of Cordelia came. She fits in my purse and is significantly easer to carry than the real Cordelia.

I had to model each of my outfits, and while the following pictures don’t do much in terms of showing off my outfits, they do a fantastic job of showing off how debonair I look on stage, so I’ll show them to you so we can all cringe and how awkward I look.

Here I am talking about the Hong Kong finish I applied to the skirt for a decorative touch.

And here I am doing bizarre things with my hands. Err Melisa.
Do I always walk around like this?
I sure hope not!
Thankfully everyone was so inspired by the skirt that I don’t think any of them were paying too much attention to my awkward hand movements.

I died the fabric for these capris, and the ladies just thought that was the cleverest thing ever. Boy were these girls easy to impress. One lady even told me they looked like expensive designer jeans! Yay, just the look I was going for!
And I was so worried that they wouldn’t like them cause I hadn’t gotten the fit just right and bizarre things were happening in my crotchial aria.
 Silly me, all that worry for nothing.

Well someday in the somewhat nearish future, I promise to put my outfits back on and take more pictures where you can actually see what’s going on. So get excited, cause this is thrilling stuff people!

Happy Travels,
~Melisa & Cord

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