Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girl Friday Blouse

In my never ending quest to find brilliant class ideas I have stumbled across Decades of Style, my favorite new (to me) independent pattern company. They reprint vintage patterns using modern sizing and directions, resulting in adorable vintage patterns that actually fit and that you can figure out how to make without a Masters in sewing.

I love these patterns so much I have picked a handful of their simpler patterns to offer as classes at Hip Stitch this spring and summer. I like to think I’m teaching these classes in order to spread the vintage charm, but really the whole class idea is just an excuse for me to sew myself some really fabulous garments.

Recently I just finished the Girl Friday Blouse.

This 1940’s blouse pattern features not one but 3 collars and is absolutely stunning.

I used some Liberty of London cotton I purchased from a local children’s clothing designer (why are we dressing our kinds in Liberty of London? Let’s save the delicious fabric for ourselves!!!).

I knew the collar would get a bit lost in the busy print, but, because I don’t usually love large collars on myself, I was perfectly ok with that.

Instead of darts, the blouse has cute tucks which make for a really stunning design detail.

I'm loving this blouse.  It's perfect for spring (can't wait for that warm weather!), it is adorable with Jeans and a cardigan, but also looks stunning tucked into my Levi's skirt.

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you the skirt in better detail!

Happy Sewing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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