Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Story of a Chair.

Once upon a time there was a chair.
A sad and lonely chair.
Why was this chair sad and lonely you may ask?
She was sad and lonely because her owners had taken her to Goodwill and left her there all on her own.
They decided they no longer loved or needed her because she had a little tear in her seat.

A tinny, tiny little reparable tear.
So they dropped her off at Goodwill one day, and even though she waited for days and days they never came back for her.

Then one faithful day a girl found herself in Goodwill and saw the chair.
Even thought the chair had a tear in her seat and a slight discoloration, the girl saw some great potential.
Plus it was half price day, so the girl paid her $5 and brought the chair home with her.

Then the girl found some fabulous vintage inspired fabric and decided the chair would look lovely in it.

So the girl learned how to load a staple gun (not as easy as you would think) and, soon the chair had a brand new outfit.

The chair was thrilled! She looked so much younger, and she just loved how the green in her new seat made her eyes sparkle.

The girl was thrilled too. She thought the chair was beautiful and looked stunning in her studio. Plus it made a great step-stool for reaching the boxes on her top shelf.

And the girl had a dressform who was also thrilled because she was not asked to work the staple gun. Plus it meant the girl quit climbing on her to reach the boxes on her top shelf.

And the three of them lived happily ever after.

Happy furniture refurnishing
~Melisa & Cordelia & The Chair.

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