Monday, February 28, 2011

My Lovely Levi's Skirt

Once upon a time in a town called Albuquerque, there was a Levi’s Jeans factory. One day this factory shut down so the Levi company could outsource all their work to third world countries where they would only have to pay their employees pennies a day. When this happened, the company had several bolts of fabric they wanted to sell so local seamstresses snatched them up.

This all happened long before I was sewing, or possibly even a twinkle in The Papa Hart’s eye, but somehow I ended up with a good 5 yards of the fabric. So I made myself a skirt.

I wanted my denim skirt to be a little different from all the other denim skirts you see walking down the street, so I made mine high wasted (meaning it comes up above my natural waist).

I also was especially smitten with the selvage of the fabric and decided I absolutely HAD to include it in the design. So, I split each of the gores in my skirt down the center and cut them so the selvage ran the length of the gore.

I then sewed the pieces together with the seam allowances to the outside and pressed the selvage edges back and top stitched them down, resulting in a beautiful seam finish and a clever design detail.

I was especially proud of myself because I figured out how to hide the zipper in my selvage seam finish!

And there you have it, a skirt made of old Levi fabric!

Happy Skirt Wearing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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