Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fabric Flowers for Every Occasion

Yesterday I promised to show you how to make this fabric flower, and I will do just that if my pictures ever load.

Let’s hope they hurry up and load because these flowers are great for belts, hair accessories, decorating bags…and I’m sure they have a billion more uses I just can’t think of any at the moment.

So let’s get started.

Step 1. Cut

Cut 4 squares of fabric 3 ½” wide.
Cut 5 squares of fabric 2 ¾” wide.
(My fabric was a little on the light side so I cut twice as many squares and placed them with wrong sides together. From now on I will treat the two layers of squares as one piece.)

Step 2. Fusie Bond the Base

Cut a scrap of Heat and Bond (or any other fabric fusie tool) and iron it to the wrong side of a scrap of the fabric.

Peel off the paper and iron a second scrap of the fabric on top of it.

Cut all the layers into a circle that is approximately 2 ½” in diameter.
Alternatively, you could simply cut a circle of felt—I just didn’t have any on hand.

Step 3. Shape the Petals

Take a square and fold it in half diagonally.

Fold it in half diagonally again.

Take the top layer and fold it in half.

Flip the petal and fold the new top layer in half so both sides match.

Cut a curved shape into the top so that when you open up the petal it will look like a flower.

Repeat with all remaining squares.

Step 4. Foldin’ and Sewin’

Take a large petal and fold it in half.
Fold it in half again.
Pin this quarter petal to the flower base with the pointy end in the center of the base.

Repeat with the remaining 3 large petals.

Put on your free motion foot and lower the feed dogs on your machine.

Place the flower under the foot and sew the petals to the base by moving the flower in a circular motion. Don’t forget that the faster you move the fabric the larger the stitch will be, so I always start and finish by taking a few stitches without moving the fabric to secure everything in place.

The closer you stay to the center, the fuller the flower will be.

Repeat with 4 of the smaller petals.

It's getting there!

To create the center of the flower, take the remaining small petal in half.
Roll it to form a spiral.

Place the tip in the center of the flower and sew down.

Fluff the flower up, and you are all done with the flower.

You can sew it to a length of ribbon and add a snap to make a belt, or you can sew it to a bobby pin or barrette to tuck into your hair.
Alternatively you can sew or hot glue on a pin back and you can pin it to bags, jackets, dresses, hats—whatever you want.
Get creative!

Happy Flower Making
~Melisa & Cordelia

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