Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me Made June Days 23-39

Sorry for the delay on Me Made June updates.  My picture taker (aka The Papa Hart) went out of town for a long weekend making it extremely difficult for me to take my pictures.  This means I may or may not have been playing catch up by taking a weeks worth of pictures in one evening. 
 But regardless of how well I’ve been documenting my experience, the important thing is that the month is almost over and I have made it every day and am expecting a strong finish!

Day 23
Skirt:  Me Made.
You may recognize this skirt because, although I have not yet worn it, I have worn two others made from the same pattern.  Oh, and this is one of the skirts I made back in Feburary for the ETA Dallas challenge.
T-shirt:  Target.  Where else.
In case you didn’t know, I have been teaching a couple classes at Summer Prep, the kids summer camp sponsored by my high school, and here I am posing in my classroom next to the beautiful Berninas Ann Silva generously lent to me!

Day 24
Today was the last day of my fist session of summer camp which means the day was full of unpredictable games bbq's and such so I dressed down a bit and donned my beautiful Tie Died t-shirt.  I realize this is a bit of a stretch on the challenge, but I’m going to let it slide.
 Day 25

Blouse:  Me Made.  I used some old lace napkins to make the top.  Antique glass buttons adorn the back.
There may or may not be a button missing.  Who sewed the buttons on?!
I demand a Demotion. 
Oh wait, it was me?
In that case, I'll let it slide.
Shorts:  TJMaxx but altered by me.

Day 26
Um, it was Sunday and I had nowhere to go so I never got dressed. 
Give me a break, everyone needs a lazy day sometimes!  But check out those Me Made PJ bottoms, so challenge requirements are satisfied!

See all that smoke in the background?  That's from the Los Alamos fire because the entire state of NM is trying its best to burn up.  Thank goodness for all our firefighters!  Thank you Danny and Geoff!

Day 27

Skirt:  Me Made.  What can I say?  I love this skirt and there are no rules that I can’t re-wear the same garments!

Day 28
Dress:  Me Made.  This is my new favorite favorite dress.  It is a wrap dress and is super comfy and has wonderful inseam pockets which you can read all about in yesterday’s post.

Cordelia was so jealous I got to wear the fabulous dress that she chopped of my right leg in a freak burst of anger.  It's OK though, I forgive her and maybe I'll make her her own dress.

Day 29
Skirt:  Me Made.  This may be my all time favorite pencil skirt.
Blouse: Old Navy?  I don’t remember cause it’s been in my collection for so long.

There you have it.  Only one more day to go! 
Will I make it? 
Will I cave under the pressure?
Will I run out of Me Made garments and give up in frustration?
Check back tomorrow (or next week cause I'm going out of town and may be busy) to see the exciting conclusion to Melisa and Cordelia's Me Made June 2011!!!!

Happy Sewing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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  1. You will definitely make it, with such lovely things to wear!!! The wrap dress is gorgeous.