Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Me Made June--Lets Get it Started

It’s finally here—the day I’ve been both dreading and excitedly waiting for—The start of Me Made June.
  As you may recall I committed myself to a month of wearing at least one garment I made or altered everyday for a month. This sounded like an easy challenge when I signed up, but as I’ve been perusing my closet I’ve began to realize that the majority of the clothing I make for myself are nicer dresses to wear to special occasions and I don’t really want to have to wear those all month long!

It’s also a bit tricky for me this year, because all June long I will be teaching a kids summer sewing camp and some of my garments are just not appropriate for chasing kids around in the heat.
But have no fear, I will figure something out (be prepared to see a few embellished t-shirts)!

So lets get this thing started with Today’s outfit.

Today I have a casual day of teaching and running some important post Fiber Arts Fiesta Errands so I wore a simple wrap shirt made by me paired with jeans and sandals.

Prepare yourself to see several goofy pictures of me cause I'm not very photographic.

You should also prepare yourself to see this shirt in several forms because it is comfy to wear, quick to make (I made this one in exactly the amount of time it took me to watch a movie) and a great way to use up some of those cute fabrics I’ve been hanging on to for a while.
Plus I get lots of compliments every time I wear on of these blouses so it must be a good thing.

For this blouse I used some Oliver + S City Weekend fabric I had in my stash. The pattern is a Butterwick pattern I altered a bit (ok quite a bit) to make it fit better and for easier construction.

This version wraps and has ties. And, I should have taken my pictures BEFORE wearing it to a class—or I should have at least ironed it……

There you have it.
 I most likely won’t do a daily post, as I hope to continue with my standard posts (I have some exciting tutorials planed for you if I get my butt in gear) but I will definitely update you on my process every few days or once a week.
I hope you enjoy and I hope you are inspired to participate in your own sewing challenge!

Happy Me Made June
~Melisa & Cordelia

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