Friday, October 15, 2010

Adoption Day

Lets talk about Pamela again. She just got married, so I’m sure she’s feeling super neglected and not at all like the center of attention so lets give her a little pick me up.

Anyways Pamela has been at it again and this time she has given me a bunch of her mother’s vintage clothing in exchange for making her a little something something for the wedding. So, lets take a moment to admire Cordelia’s and my expanding collection of vintage fabuliousness.

We will start with this cause it’s my favorite.

Pamela handed it to me and said,

“Here you go Pleatinator.”

That’s right, I have officially been called the Pleatinator!
 And I didn’t even have to guilt her into it!
If you have no idea who/ what The Pleatinator is, read this and it should clear things up a bit.

Which reminds me. The other day I was fitting a jacket for one of my readers and she called me The Dartinator!
And she came up with that all on her own!
10 extra super cool human points to Twila!
Readers are awesome.
Just saying.

Well back to the shirt. After showing it to The Mama Hart she told me I was lucky Pamela has decided to adopt me which got me thinking and I decided a few things.

1. It’s good to be adopted especially by people who have extensive collections of vintage clothing and who want to give this collection to someone who would appreciate it.

2. A girl can never have too many families adopted or otherwise.

3. If there are any other individuals out there with nice collections of vintage clothing, sewing supplies, fabric, teacups, diamonds, Victorian houses, traveling garden gnomes, excreta who are looking for an adoptive daughter, I would be happy to take the job.

Those who collect cat figurines, tumbleweeds or ferrets need not apply.

4. I would be a good adoptive daughter for the fallowing reasons:

A. I am potty trained—you get to skip the whole dirty dipper thingy.

B. I have already survived the awkward moody teenage years—enough said

C. I am a college graduate—no writing expensive checks to fancy schools.

D. I’ll be really generous when picking your retirement home—unless you start to pee on the floor and then you get to live on the front porch. That’s what my parents did to my cat Sassy and I’ve learned how to treat the aging through their flawless actions.

E. I will graciously and gladly accept all your gifts and donations. AND I promise to always send a hand made thank you card.
 Except for when I forget.

F. We’re a package deal, so you’ll get Cordelia as a free bonus!

So basically you’ll get all the good parts of having a kid without going through any of the work or bills. All I ask is that you share your awesome collections with me.
Oh and there may be a little issue of me wanting help paying for a fancy wedding some day in the not so near future.

 Don’t worry, I’m thinking something small, intimate and low hassle:
Like a resort wedding to Fiji with no fewer than 1 thousand guests.
 And a mere $200 thousand budget.
Just Kidding, I don’t really like beaches.
I hate it when I get sand in my sheets.
Maybe I’ll consider a chateau in the French Alps.

Err, um how did I get on the topic of adoptions and weddings and what happened to my “don’t make this one of those wordy blogs rule?” I don’t even know where this is going or where it came from, and Cordelia is starting to complain because she is feeling neglected, so lets just look at these pictures of an awesomely pleated shirt and call it a day.

Happy Vintage Pleating
~Melisa & Cordelia

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