Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tie One On Day!

I have recently been informed the 4th Wednesday of every November (also known as Thanksgiving Eve) is Tie One On Day!

Tie One On Day, is a day to celebrate aprons, and the spirit of women of earlier generations who wore aprons as part of their daily wardrobe.
This day recognizes aprons as a symbol of family, home and mothering and recognizes that the women (and men) who wore aprons helped make America great.

But what makes Tie One On Day so fabulous is how it is celebrated.
On this day, one should wrap a loaf of bread in an apron, tuck a prayer or note of hope in the pocket and, while wearing your own apron, deliver the bundle to someone in spiritual or physical need.
According to EllynAnne, a founder of Tie One On Day, “no matter which way you turn out of your own front door, someone who is deserving of a hug is very close by.”

So, in preparation of Tie One On Day, I encourage all of you to make an apron, bake a loaf of bread (or any other tasty treat) and spread some joy.
Here are a couple of aprons I have made to help inspire you.

The Cowboy:

This is my cowboy apron. It might be my favorite apron ever.

I sewed tons of pin-tucks in the bodice cause I was inspired that day.

And I gave it a contrasting waistband which ties in the back.

Um Cordelia, you should maybe wear something under that. Just a thought.

I put piping around the hem and pockets.

A back neck button makes it easier to get the apron on and off.

The Hawaiian Shirt:
This apron is made from a man’s button up shirt. I recommend you “borrow” a gaudy Hawaiian shirt from your dad, husband, brother, boyfriend, male roommate. I find it’s best if you let yourself into their closet when they aren’t home—don’t worry, they’ll never miss the shirt and if they do, they should be happy they are contributing it to such a good cause.

I cut the shirt up so the buttons and front pocket were in the center of the apron.

This poor shirt.  Someone tried to match the print, but didn't quite make it. But I'll give them an A for effort.

I added facings created of bias strips around the armholes to create a tunnel for the ribbon to string through.

This apron is nice and quick to make because the ties are made of grosgrain ribbon, and, because I did not sew them in place, the apron is adjustable which can be handy.

You can also use the back of the shirt to make a second apron if you wish. When I do this, I use one of the sleeves to make a front patch pocket.

Happy Apron Sewing
~Melisa & Cordelia

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