Thursday, November 4, 2010

Alex gets a Civil War Greatcoat

Haaaave you met Alex?

Alex is one of The Brother Hart’s grad school buddies.
Which means he has a Ph. D.
In engineering.
From Stanford.
 So he’s one of thoooose people.
Whatever that means.

Well besides being excessively smart in the math and science departments, Alex has a very large, somewhat quirky and extremely outgoing and lovable personality.

He has also recently moved to Boston from Palo Alto and is getting ready to experience his first real winter in a long long time.

Thus he has summoned me to make him a custom coat. One inspired by a Civil War Great Coat which looks something like this:

I said yes cause the project sounded like fun.

Alex is allergic to wool so we decided to go with a denser cotton and I found a stripped denim which I somehow just knew Alex would love.
 And he did.
 So I purchased massive quantities of it. Don’t worry, I’m going to flat line the jacket with fleece so it should be plenty worm. If he’s really nice to me I may include an additional quilted and removable lining because there was an article about how to make one in the most recent Threads Magazine and I’m feeling inspired.

Because Alex wants a super cool coat we decided we would play around with the grain of the striped fabric and chevron the main body sections. I drew up a flat drawing (a technical sketch) to show him what it would look like.

And he loved it!

 I put together the muslin. Cordelia had to try it on to make sure there were no major problems like me forgetting to include a sleeve.

Just Kidding!

I left the sleeve off on purpose; Alex only has one arm.
 He lost one in a tragic square dancing incident.

Just Kidding!

He has both arms. It's just easier to fit the body with only one sleeve. That's the real story. It's most deffinately not cause I'm too lazy to sew two sleeves on a muslin.

Now I just need to get Alex to try this muslin on and see if I can figure out how to fit it on him with 2243.76 miles between us. Hmmm? Thank goodness for digital pictures and video chat! Oh and thank goodness his wife is a fellow Bernina sewer!

Oh PS. If you ever happen to meet Alex, and he asks you to “shoot the boot” just say NO. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Until Next Time,
~Melisa & Cordelia

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