Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello Wire Dress!

Once I was a fashion design student. And as a fashion design I took a class on garment foundations, structure, and volume. And for this class I had to create a garment that had a foundation, structure and volume. So I made this:

I call it The Wire Dress. Cause I need to work on my creative naming skills. And because I used millinery wire in the hem to give it this fabulous swirlyness.

I would show you more, but Blogger is not cooperating and making it extremely difficult to upload pictures and, frankly I have better things to do (Grab a drink with Rosie) with my Friday night than fight with a web program. Do you hear me Mister Blogger Web Master Person? Hello? Your program is misbehaving.

Oh, but I once lent this dress out to one of my models to wear to a fancy Primer Party and apparently there is a picture of this dress standing next to some hot actor, only I have completely forgotten which actor. Nor have I ever seen the picture, so it’s probably all a myth.

Happy Structure Dress Wearing.
~Melisa & Cordelia

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