Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tie One On Day-- History as Told by Cordelia

Here is A Brief History of the Apron as told by Cordelia.
I did make her do some research so hopefully we are not totally full of bad facts.

“Aprons have been around almost forever—the Bible, in fact, reports that Adam and Eve fashioned aprons from fig leaves. And while Neolithic bloggers didn’t exist to confirm this, cave dwellers cooking near open fires must have placed something across their laps for protection. The point is, no one can say for sure when the first apron was invented, but it’s a safe bet that five minutes after Grog sewed the last stitch through a flint-knapping apron made of saber-tooth tiger hide, Ogga said, “Ooh, I like the ties behind the neck! I want one just like it, but add something to hold berries and stuff.”

Taken from the book A is for Apron by Nathalie Mornu.

Originally people started wearing aprons for necessity. Clothing was expensive and time consuming to make and difficult to replace, so most people only had a few changes of clothing and took care of what they had. Thus the apron was born, and it evolved to meet the needs of their wearer’s jobs. Interesting fact, it is believed MEN were the original wearers! Blacksmiths, fishermen, farmers and butchers wore full-fronted, thick leather or oiled aprons to deflect sparks, animal muck and salt water.

Nineteenth-century mothers are often remembered for using aprons to dry hands, wipe children’s faces, carry picked apples, feed chickens or shoo cats. Not that apron shooing works on my cat. Trust me I tried and all Oadie die was try to eat the apron ties and then pounce on the skirt.

After World War II, the rising number of house hold appliances and strong economy gave housewives plenty of leisure time to whip together stylish aprons. Chic patterns emerged and the apron became a medium for women to show off their sewing skills.

Microwave = Free time.

Free time +


But then feminist longed for equality and refused to wear this icon of the housewife and the apron fell out of fashion. However, women of today have totally transformed the apron and it is making a huge comeback. With the new curve hugging shapes, sassy prints and dramatic embellishments, these puppies “are not made for gravy stains anymore, sister!”

So whip up an apron or two and go celebrate Tie One On Day tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did.
Here are a few aprons I intend to pass out:

The Nan.  I call this The Nan cause it went to my student Nan.

The Francoise:  This apron will go to my neighbor Pamela who has a french room which is decorated in black and white.  This apron will fit right in!

I had to get some rick rack in there somehow!

Happy Tie One On Day!
~Melisa & Cordelia

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