Monday, November 29, 2010

Sewing Advice From A Cat

I have agreed to participate in a sewing challenge sponsored by Silhouette Patterns an independent pattern company.

 For this challenge I have been given the hypothetical scenario that I am on my way to a beach wedding and that I can only take a carry on suit case with me. I have to make an outfit for 3 events: a rehearsal brunch, the wedding and a morning after breakfast. I have been supplied with 5 fabrics, none of which I would have purposely purchased, and I have to use some of each but cannot use any others for main garment fabric. I have a $25 budget for notions but my patterns are unlimited and free (but they must come from the sponsoring pattern companies). Oh and one garment has to be visibly worn with all 3 outfits and another has to be reversible.
Easy eh?

Well I got the fabric in the other day and had it spread out on my bed as I planned my outfits. I left for about 2 seconds and came back to find this:

Oadie snoozing on all my new fabric.


You want to help?
Well then do you have any advice?
What’s that you say?

“Sleep on it?”

Great Oadie, that’s awesome advise. 
 It might be more awesome if I didn’t think you meant it quite so literally.

Happy Sleeping
~Melisa & Cordelia

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