Thursday, November 11, 2010

How'd that Happen?

See this shoe?

My left, brown, polka dot flat shoe.
Aka half of one of my top 7 favorite pairs of shoes.

Well he’s been missing.
Since Sunday.
It’s been tragic. I’ve wanted to wear this shoe just about every day since his disappearance.

I looked everywhere for this shoe. I mean everywhere. I even dumped everything out of my dirty laundry basket thinking it had somehow gotten mixed up there. I tore up my entire house looking for it. And then I cleaned it all up hoping that would help. It didn’t. This shoe was still missing. I had given it up as lost forever. I figured I had a little house elf who took it and I was all ready to have a funeral to mourn his loss.


And then last night I was snuggling down in bed.

And I adjusted my pillow. 
 And I felt something a little hard under it. 
 And I thought to myself, “what could that be?”

So I pulled it out.

It was my left, brown polka dot flat shoe.
Apparently I’d been sleeping on it for 3 nights.

$10 to the first person who can explain how that happened.
I’m at a complete and total loss. Perhaps I have taken up sleep walking? Cordelia wanted to play a trick on me? Tilly has started stealing shoes as well as tape measures only it was too heavy to drag to her mysterious hiding place? I have a mischievous ghost?
 I think I shall call the nice people at Unsolved Mysteries.

Except they quit making that show about 18 years ago. Which is a serious shame cause it’s one of my favorite shows. Seriously, I watch it everyday as I sew. It’s extremely reassuring to know they helped catch some of the bad guys. It’s also extremely nerving to know that all the bad guys have already finished up their sentences and have returned to the real world cause the show is so outdated. I guess you can't win all the time. But I won this time cause my beloved shoe has found his way back to me!

Happy Mystery solving
~Melisa & Cordelia

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  1. The shoe was under the quilt at the end of the bed. The bed was made, flipping the shoe under the pillow. NOT being the princess you thought you were, it remained undetected. Wait! you think you are a hardworking designer, pleatinator, seamstress, the Daddy Hart KNOWS you are a princess