Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smart Ass Alert

So a bit back I wrote a post in which I shamelessly asked people with cool collections to adopt me so I could inherit their stuff. As some of you may recall, I specifically mentioned that collections of cat figurines did not make the cut—mostly because people already think I’m a crazy cat lady and I don’t need to encourage this reputation.

Well today Tia Pam—not my Tia, but she is a universal Tia—showed up at my front door with a gift.
Can you guess what this gift was?

That’s right, she gave me this:

A cat figurine.
Just cause she’s a smart ass.
But that’s OK cause Cordelia happens to LOOOOOOVE this cat figurine, I mean, just look at his eyes.

 I shall name him PussyGato. Or Toro. Or possibly Max.

Any suggestions?
Which do you prefer?
 Care to vote?
PussyGatoToroMax now lives on my book shelf.

Right next to the dying plants I bought specifically because I was assured even I couldn’t kill them.

Well I have. I’m no green thumb. I can never become an alcoholic cause I’ll never pass the AA plant step (you know the one where if you can keep a plant alive for a year you get to move onto a pet and then if you can keep a pet alive you are ready to start new relationships?) and then I’ll never be able to have another pet in my life. And that would be tragic. It would send me spiraling back into an alcoholic doom.
PussyGatoToroMax likes hanging out with the plants cause he pretends he is in the jungle. What a sad pitiful dead jungle.

Tia Pam also gave me this:

An owl candle cause she read all about my owl encounter here:

Trick or Treat?
We both agreed my owl friend was sent from Athena, the goddess of wisdom and that I don’t need to worry about something tragic happening to Cordelia. She doesn’t yet have a new home but I’ll find her one soon.
Thank you Tia Pam for the cool gifts, and even more thanks for reading this here blog!

Happy Wednesday
~Melisa & Cordelia


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