Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pleatanator Clutch

First I would like to start by saying I had dinner at Sadie’s aka Albuquerque’s best Mexican food establishment.
Which means I drank a margarita—a very good margarita cause the Papa Hart was buying and he has good taste in tequila. I’m just letting you know this so that if you find any typos or misspellings you will understand it is the margarita, not my own lack of spelling or grammar skills. And also so you will understand how dedicated I am to you, my fabulous readers. I could have come home and snuggled right down into my comfy bed, but instead I’m writing this so you will have something new to read tomorrow when you get board at work. You should not have to suffer cause I’m a light weight and can barely handle a single margarita.
And I just know that a whole day without Cordeila is pure agony.

Er um, I think this post serves a purpose other than a margarita infused rant.
Oh, right, I was going to show you Twila’s clutch I made to match her new dress.

But first I added a surface design to the clutch. Can you guess what it is?

That’s right, I pleated it!
 How’d you know?!?!
Was it cause I pleat EVERYTHING?
Is it time for me to move on?
Time to find a new surface technique to have a love affair with?
 But what could take the place of pleats?

OK OK. Here’s the clutch.


Look at all those pleats.

That’s why they seriously do call me the Pleatanator.


I wanted to pleat the entire back too but I didn’t have enough fabric. Stupid pleats and their fabric consuming quality. So instead I just added a few in the center and pretended I intended to do that all along.
Shhh don’t tell Twila. She’ll never know if you keep my secret.
Unless of course she reads about it here.  Which is entirely possible as she  she happens to be one of my three readers.

 Dear Twila,
If you happen to be reading this, kindly ignore anything I may or may not say about your bag being flawed. It is completely, totally, 100% as I planned it to be.
That is all,

~Melisa & Cordelia

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