Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cordelia Does Tahoe

So Cordelia and I have spent the last few days in California, and a big chunk of that time was spent at Lake Tahoe for the soul purposes of eating good food and snowboarding. Oh, and to help The Brother Hart and The Future Sister-in-law Hart plan their upcoming wedding.

At least they think that’s why we went, but really we heard the magical words “Snowboarding” and “Ritz-Carleton” and knew we were in. I mean think about it, when you arrive at the Ritz, you get out of your car and somehow your snowboard magically appears in some snow toy room.  All you have to do is walk to the room, someone finds your gear for you, they lay it out on the mountain, you walk out the back door, strap on your board and vola, just like that you are skiing.  No dealing with parking lots, no hauling your gear miles and miles and no standing in long lines to buy a lift ticket.  And when you’re finished skiing for the day, you just ski down a trail that ends right at the same door and someone is waiting to take your board and put your boots on the warmer.  I mean talk about a civilized way to ski.

So that’s why Cordelia and I found ourselves in the Donner Pass (thankfully no one in our party showed any cannibalistic tendencies). It wasn’t until after a glorious day on the slopes that we agreed to pretend to help with the wedding.

And because wedding planning included eating breakfast at The Log Cabin, voted best breakfast because they served me the most decedent lobster Benedict which was to die for, we were satisfied.


We loved breakfast so much we posed in front of The Log Cabin—mostly so we wouldn’t forget about it and can find it again in April when we will be back for the wedding.

We also got to do fun things like hang out at Lake Tahoe which Cordelia loved.
She Loved the mountains in the background,

and the water,

and the beach,

And she especially loved that, unlike myself, she doesn’t have a brother with a tendency to throw her in cold water.

See how happy she is not to have such a brother.

"I am so happy to be an only child." says Cordelia after a near dunking experience.

Luckily I got away and remained dry this time.

Then we went to this crazy cool lodge which was once owned by an eccentric man who was into wild animals and taxidermy. We took this picture for Oadie to remind him he should be good, or he too will end up on a wall

I don’t think it phased him much.


Happy Travels
~Melisa & Cordelia

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